Our Team

Renfrewshire Youth Voice is run by a team of dedicated, committed and exceptional volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you.

Adrian Mckechnie


I am responsible for overseeing the general governance and running of Renfrewshire Youth Voice.



E-mail: adrian.mckechnie@ryv.org.uk

Contact No. 07592 947179


Gavin Stewart

Vice Chairperson

This position deputises and stands in for the Chairperson when needed. Also assisting in overseeing the governance of Renfrewshire Youth Voice.


Email: gavin.stewart@ryv.org.uk





Graeme Wilson


As Treasurer I maintain the charities books, through this I  ensure that we adequately cover our out goings and assist in budget development. 


E-mail: graeme.wilson@ryv.org.uk




Being the Secretary I am responsible for a degree of administration and communication between Renfrewshire Youth Voice and external third parties. 



E-mail: secretary@ryv.org.uk



Erin Haggerty

Positive About Youth Awards Project Director

As the PAY Awards Project Director I am charged with the task of overseeing the planning, development and delivery of our annual Postive About Youth Awards Ceremony.


E-mail: erin.haggerty@ryv.org.uk


Personal & Social Health Education Consultation Project Director

I am responble for oveerseeing the PSHE/HWB consulation currently in the works in Renfrewshire. 



E-mail: secretary@ryv.org.uk